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Born in Saigon and currently based in New York City, Michelle is an award-winning video producer with 10+ years in news media production and proven track records in creating original, impactful and visually captivating short and mid-form videos that routinely engage millions of viewers on social media.

Michelle has production experiences in Vietnam, Japan, Israel, France, the U.K. and the U.S. At age 16, her very first directorial debut won the Grand Prize at JENESYS 2008 Film Festival in Tokyo, Japan. Her 2012 documentary Un Petit Message won Best Film at the 27th Science Frontières Festival in Marseille, France. Her 2017 feature-length documentary Travelers, in partnership with Greens Production, Tel Aviv, was selected for screening at 15+ major festivals across Europe, Asia, Central and Northern America. She’s produced video content for major news and media companies including Vice, Netflix, Vox Media, The Jerusalem Post and renowned brands including Facebook, Dropbox, Logitech

Her most recent role is Producer
for the Special Projects team at NowThis, where she creates short to mid-length videos and sponsored projects about social, political and environmental issues.
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